Hire Service

Bunting (indoor)

Beautiful handmade bunting, 2 designs to choose from – £25 (including fitting)

Bunting (outdoor)

Plain white PVC bunting, suitable for outdoor use – £25 (including fitting).

Battery Powered Candles

These lifelike candles allow you to add atmosphere to your party without risk of fire – £20 (12 white in total)

Water Boiler

 Swan Catering Water Boiler (3 available) – £15 each


Champagne flutes (100)      – 25p each

Water tumblers (100)           – 25p each

Wine glasses (100)              – 25p each


Plain white Latte Mugs (100) – 25p each

Water Jugs

 Glass Water Jugs (15)  – 50p each

Chair cover / sashes

Lycra ivory chair covers      – £2.50 each (including fitting)

Organza sashes (available in purple, pink, ivory, silver, green, and burgundy) – 50p each (including fitting)


For a fee of £50 we also offer a turnaround service; clearing away tables, chairs etc, so the room is ready for the 2nd half of your day. Ask our staff for details.

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