Terms & Conditions

Wood Lane Countryside Centre – Booking Terms and Conditions.

Wedding and Cilvil Partnership Bookings.


Provisional Booking: A Wedding date can be provisionally booked for 7 days without any commitment from yourselves. Please ensure you contact us with the 7 days to confirm if you would still like to go ahead with your provisional booking. Should you choose not to want to go ahead with the booking the date will then be released for future potential bookings. Please note: A Provisional booking can be cancelled at any time during the 7 days by yourselves or us as there are no legal obligations to provisional bookings.



Booking Confirmation: You will be sent a booking form along with this contract for you to complete, sign and return along with your deposit. Once Wood Lane Countryside Centre receives the booking forms /deposit your booking will then be complete. By signing this contract, you are entering in to legally binding agreement with Wood Lane Countryside Centre.



Deposit: A deposit of £400 must be paid at the time of entering in to this agreement to secure your booking. This will act as a booking and damage deposit and will be retained until after the event to cover any damage or breakages of fixtures and fittings, and if any additional cleaning is required or any nuisance is caused. Please note: The deposit is separate to the Hire costs.


Booking Cancellation: This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your booking 6 months or more prior to your wedding, if we can re-book the date, then it will be returned to you. Please note you will lose your deposit and the 50% payment if you cancel within 6 months of the event date.


Invoices: An invoice for 50% of the Hire cost for the venue Hire will be sent to the address on the booking form six months prior to the event. The remaining 50% of the Hire cost will be invoiced Six Weeks before the event and is payable no later than two weeks prior to the event. If the entire balance is not paid two weeks prior to your event, we will cancel your booking and you will be charged in full.  Your deposit is separate to the Hire costs and will be retained until after your event, this will then be returned to you providing no damages/ nuisance is caused.

If you have any queries regarding your invoice, please contact the Countryside Centre on         0114 2316982


Payments: You can pay any invoices via BACS, Cheque, Cash or Card. Should you wish to pay by BACS the details are on the bottom of all invoices. Cheques must be made payable to Wood Lane Countryside Centre. Invoices can be paid via Cash at the main office, please do not send cash through the post.


Please note these are not all of the terms and conditions. A full terms and conditions contract is provided upon booking.


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